March / 16 / 2020

Coronavirus Impact on Electronic Music

Coronavirus Impact on Electronic Music

The coronavirus pandemic is ravaging the world and the electronic music industry is not and exception.

The abrupt cancellation of concerts, festivals, and events is giving artists, promoters, and executives alike a huge headache.

As Beatportal recalls, a series of important festivals have been canceled or postponed in different corners of the planet. For example, among those who rescheduled their dates are Sónar in Hong Kong, Beat Hotel Marrakech and Coachella in California.

While countries like Spain, Italy, France and Switzerland have banned all events that gather more than a thousand people. And it is believed that Germany will possibly join them in next days.

Despite the general paralysis, some festivals keep their agenda taking advantage of the flexible policies of their countries, as is the case of The Bang Face Weekender in the United Kingdom, which developed normally during the past weekend. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has refused to issue alarm states to avoid an economic crisis and events and clubs have chosen to continue operating.

There are other cases that are waiting to see how the situation evolves. For example, in the Netherlands at the moment they think they have the situation under control. The Rewire festival in The Hague is still scheduled to start on April 3.

It is unknown what will happen beyond April, when the high season of music festivals in Europe and the United States begins. The emergency measures applied by the countries are expected to contain the advance of the virus and it will soon be possible to return to normality.

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