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AFFKT to release Plot Ep.Sincopat 100

SINCOPAT hits the magical number 100 with AFFKT amazingly remix by top-tier artists GUSGUS & BIESMANS.


Once upon a time 11 years ago Sincopat was born, initially focused on the search for the musical essence of Sincopat’s Big Kahuna AFFKT and of course with the conviction of having a different and personal story to tell always looking to the future as a sign of identity.

The name Sincopat“sincopado” in Valencian language- represents its own essence, its land’s, and the music’s, which actually serves as a starting point for the label.

Nowadays, the label is in a moment of maturity, being a worldwide benchmark of avant-garde electronic music.

Of course this special release is signed by the father of the label who is among other things a friend of fetish numbers. And accompanied by two great remixes by the wunderkind Biesmans and a couple of artists who really need no introduction: the ever-evolving, prolific and talented Icelandic duo, GusGus.



This very special release kicks off with “Barrejat”, which takes its name from the alcoholic drink made up of a mixture of two liqueurs and that is very typical in some areas of Valencia (Spain). Like the drink, and as a tribute to its special flavour, the song is full of unexpected forms and impossible combinations.

We are very pleased to have this talented artist back on Sincopat to remix a song as special as this one, and the Belgian Joris Biesmans aka Biesmans proves once again his finest reputation with his skilled remix. He is definitely one of the ‘heroes’ of the moment in the art of creating a time warp between past and future sounds.

“Humperdoo” is undoubtedly one of the most hypnotic tracks in AFFKT’s discography; it is an authentic sonic journey that transports you to other worlds. And it’s a real honour to have GusGus on board for this release and even more so with such a special and timeless remix that captures the essence of the original and takes it into their own territory.

Last but not least we have “Tarambana”, another journey into the mind and colourful sound world of Sincopat’s head honcho. Lovingly packed tune proving the irresistibly energetic music plus many varieties and ranges of AFFKT as a producer.

The history of Sincopat could not have been written without the help and work of a great team behind, the artists who support our music and without the people who dance and listen to our music, so thank you very much to everyone for making it this real.

Enjoy the ride!

Álbum: Plot EP
Label: Sincopat Records
Release Date: December 17th 2021
Formato: Digital

 Listen to it by clicking here
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