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Andrés Campo presents Collage


After being a prophet in his own land (as it could not be otherwise) with a tremendous success in Zaragoza, and after a postponement of the date due to the restrictions of the pandemic, Andrés Campo presents this show in Barcelona.

In Collage, Andres Campo delves into a different format of musical expression, a personal and creative project that he presents at the Coliseum Theatre in Barcelona on March 22nd, after the sold-out performance at the Teatro de Las Esquinas in Zaragoza on Saturday February 27th.



Andres Campo presents an immersive audiovisual show designed especially for theatres and auditoriums. Creating a live musical collage, this act is Andres’ most intimate musical expression. Achieving a perfect balance, Collage is the union of spatial and enigmatic textures, organic and synthetic sounds, melody, depth and serenity. It is a distinct configuration in which Andrés lets his creativity fly and, with the help of technology, synthesizers, rhythm boxes and sound recordings, masterfully fuses two parallel worlds: that of strength and rhythm with that of musicality and harmony.

Collage is a unique opportunity to see the most gourmet Andrés Campo, leaving the dancefloor aside and indulging in creative experimentation. An ambient and introspective techno show, accompanied by the visuals of artist Héctor de la Puente, a reference in his field, who has created visual content for artists such as Skrillex and The Zombie Kids.

Tickets can still be purchased here. Hurry up if you want to enjoy Andrés Campo in his purest form.