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ARMD Music Prodcc. – Experience EP

Experience is ARMD's first EP. on vinyl.

Experience is something you get when you don’t need it anymore…” According to the artist himself, this is the real soul of this EP, and that explains both the name of the album and the titles of the songs that have been produced entirely by ARMD Music Prodcc.

He is Alfredo Rodriguez aka Ar.Nomad, this artist began his career as a dj in 1994 and to this day continues to make his mixes with vinyl records, something that is appreciated both for the warmth and the separation of sounds in space something unthinkable in the digital environment. He started his career as a producer in 2020 and this is his first work on vinyl.

Experience EP. The two songs take us to an arid and metallic future, dynamic and dreamlike, in the key of techno with a lot of strength and a few bpm.

2074 starts with some crazy percussions and a counter-tempo snare drum pounding the brain, it soon turns into something unique where the melodies intertwine with the bass and the cymbals keep on pounding. After a curious and interesting stop, with a shot included, the experimentation continues breaking with a devastating bass to end with a beautiful melody…

On 2707 the experimentation continues this time in the bass and in the space sounds of communication, an incredible track that transports us to a peaceful and quiet universe where it seems that it can’t be altered by anything.

Artist: ARMD Music Prodcc.
Album: Experience Ep.
Label: DK Records
Ref: 3147248
Release date: March 2022
Format: White Vinyls (10″ limited 200 copies) & Digital