May / 12 / 2021

Artefakt – Chimes At Midnight

Artefakt – Chimes At Midnight

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Nick Lapien and Robin Koek met in their university days and started making music together in 2012. Nick had started his career with solo house production, while Robin was finishing his master’s degree at the Utrecht School of the Arts, specialising in sound design and composition. Together, they released two EPs on the legendary Dutch label Delsin Records and it was in 2017 that the duo released their debut album, Kinship, which saw the adoption of Techno as the backbone of their production.
Sound of Berlin, the label from the German capital, continues to have its sights set on some very interesting productions, and their new reference, Chimes At Midnight, is the latest work from Artefakt, the Dutch duo’s artistic name.



Chimes At Midnight is a narcotic Techno trip through hypnotic landscapes, commanded by a bassline that will not leave anyone immobile on the dancefloor. Almost seven minutes of intense yet subtle Techno transport.
Artefakt have also released their album Days Bygone, a much more relaxed work that explores ambient terrain, which shows us Nick and Robin’s tremendous versatility as producers.


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