April / 30 / 2021

Biesmans – Cold Void EP

Biesmans – Cold Void EP


Joris Biesman today presents the Cold Void EP, a new preview of what will be his debut album, Trains, Planes & Automobiles, which will be released on June 4th.

Biesman was born in 1983 in a small Belgian town called Waltwilder, near the Dutch border, and according to his own account, he started producing his first tracks at the age of 13. Years later, in 2013, he moved to Berlin and started working as a sound technician in one of the most important clubs in the German capital, Watergate. On his move he took his sound studio with him, loaded with modular and analogue hardware, where he has been producing tracks for decades. Today’s release, the Cold Void EP, as well as the other tracks that make up his forthcoming album, have been in the making since April 2020.

The tracks on this EP once again come in a wide range of styles, Joris’ trademark, which is pure eclecticism. The EP’s title track, featuring guitarist Boi Wonder and Tom The Bomb, frontman of Belgian rock band The Guru Guru, is a mix of indie dance, rock, electro and pop. With all these elements, the result oozes eighties sound from all sides.



Disco Halal label founder Moscoman teams up with emerging Ukrainian producer Komilev to remix Cold Void, which takes it back decades at a stroke, updating the form without losing the substance. When Will It Stop is the track that closes the EP, another marvel that starts again with a clear sound that takes us back to the eighties, reminiscent of one of his most famous countrymen if we talk about Techno-Pop, the legendary Telex. Vocoder and analogue sounds give way to a piano loop that suddenly transforms When Will It Stop into something you wouldn’t expect at the beginning of the track.

Having heard this preview, we are looking forward to discovering all the tracks on this upcoming album. You can purchase the EP here.


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