April / 3 / 2020

DJ Dummy: “I want to support unknown producers”

DJ Dummy: “I want to support unknown producers”

Every artist accumulate in their careers some milestones with which they build their identity. In the case of DJ Dummy -whose real name is Txema Moyua- one of those key moments occurred in 2018 when he won first prize at the UME DJ Championship in Euskadi, his homeland.

He was not expected to win the contest since the general level was very high: among the prominent DJs there were names such as Moreno Flamas, 5MEO, Galeus-K or SIsuka. Since this achievement, the projects and collaborations grew exponentially for him. He participated in the Nation Techno Militia podcast by Moreno Flamas, or in the radio show Mision Techno by his friend Miguel Málaga. In addition, he started his own radio program on Techno Radio, called Zona Norte.

Nothing happened by chance, but was a consequence of the dedication that Txema gave to electronic music since he was 18 years old, when he started DJing with friends attracted by hard dance, progressive and eurodance. Thereafter, DJ Dummy made a place for himself on the Basque Country scene by playing in venues such as Komplot or After Erreka -where he was a resident DJ- and moving around reference clubs such as Ku, The Sound or Jazz Berri. “For me they were true temples and that marked a musical style throughout the country,” says DJ Dummy in dialogue with MOAI Magazine.

However, DJ Dummy regrets that it is currently more difficult to perform in the Basque Country, because there are hardly any rooms. “I hope that this reality will change because it distresses me a lot,” he explains, although he separates from this analysis the Bizkaia area, where he says that the electronic scene has more place. “I remember running into the doors of The Sound room with people who came up from Valencia expressly to get to know that room and it was something to be proud of. There I could listen to DJs like Luix-on, Pastis & Buenri, Julio Posadas and a long etc. It was a joy, “he recalls.

These difficulties in finding places to DJ are compensated by his activity as a producer. In addition to creating his own tracks, DJ Dummy shaped his record label, which he named like his radio show: Zona Norte: “In addition to being able to publish my own tracks, my main objective is to support less known producers and have the support of producers already a little consolidated in the techno scene, ”he says. “In the end, it’s like giving a little bit of what I got from winning the championship. My way of thinking is to give people back a little of what I received. I firmly believe that this has to be a give and take without end, and this is how you can do bigger things. What you give in the end, life returns to you ”.

But this is not the only project that DJ Dummy carries out as a gesture of thanks to a vocation that embraced him from the beginning. Two decades ago, he also formed a nonprofit school for DJs, where he would meet with other colleagues to learn together: “We had a small store and two strap dishes, a second-hand mixer and a couple of disc cases. We all enjoyed learning together, we helped each other a lot and it is a stage that marked my life and my way of seeing this world ”, recalls a nostalgic Txema.

Currently, he tries to give space to the school despite the work commitments: “The mission is to bring and make available to all those who want my knowledge with vinyl or with the controllers. I think it is the easiest way to learn anything you set your mind to in life.”

Meanwhile, DJ Dummy remains focused on his sessions, in which he goes through all the edges of techno to “connect with the majority of the audience in the room”. “On the track there may be more old school or trance people, as is my case.” The presence of two producers who dominate his sets also stands out: Umek and Anna: “I love the energy and power they have,” he acknowledges, and also mentions other artists such as Coyu, Oscar Escapa, Lander B and Oscar Mulero. “I could release many names of very good producers here, but the main ones are them.”


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