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Dj Tribe & Hackfreed – Dark 2 Light

The dj Tribe & Hackfreed duo show us Dark 2 Light

The track project initially started from a never finished work by the artist dj Tribe, until the moment when he thought about the vocal power of the producer and dj Hackfreed combining both potentials, dark 2 light was born.

The title was given when we were thinking about the whole situation, since the track was born in full pandemic (dark) we always hoped for something that will soon finally be possible again to live without restrictions in freedom (light)

It’s a track with a techno character with strong melodic elements, a hint of dark sound and a voice that brings to the notes of Depeche Mode’s songs.

Released on the Vorwaerts Musik label, owned by Hackfreed himself (Christian Hacker) the track is available on all major music distribution platforms.

Artist: Dj Tribe & Hackfreed
Album: Dark 2 Light Ep.
Label: Vorwärts
Ref: VM0032
Release date: November 26th 2021
Format: Digital