July / 19 / 2021

Dream_E charity release

Dream_E charity release

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Scottish born, originally from the south side of Glasgow, now based in Berlin, producer and dj who has recorded and released under many different aliases (The Burrell Connection, Alfie, DJ59), now brings us a very special release under the name Dream_E.
But before we get into the music, it’s interesting to hear the story of this release in his own words:

“On 21 October 2020, a few days after my 25th birthday, I woke up in hospital in Neukölln. Unable to walk, talk and sometimes breathe properly, after a few days the hospital diagnosed me with a rare but high-risk brain infection, encephalitis.
I returned from hospital about two weeks later, somewhat recovered, but came back after another severe attack a few days later.
I have to stop here and send a great deal of love, respect and thanks to my better half, friends and family who helped me through these tough times and who, thankfully, are now on the road to recovery (COVID-19 preventing my colleagues from entering the hospital, my parents flying from Scotland when I was about to do so, and my memory of the German I had learned in the short time I lived here being shattered did not help at all, but I am very, very lucky, to say the least).
Unfortunately, some people are not as lucky as I am, and the only person I have heard of who has been lucky is an old friend of a close friend who is sadly no longer with us. The next series of self-released EP’s (with The Burrell Connection now taking over the label, and Dream_E now my solo alias) will all be donated to the Encephalitis Society charity.”



The Crushed EP is made up of tracks the Scottish artist composed in the summer of 2020, and is full of organic Techno, Cosmic House and Jungle drops, all aimed at the dancefloor.
His production starts in 2015 and has been released on the most important labels of the Scottish underground, such as Optimo Music or Craigie Knowes. Let’s hope that the DJ and producer has finally put any health problems behind him and that he can continue releasing this series of EP’s with this commendable charitable purpose.

It´s available now here


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