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“Dualize” first album ‘Sonora Cinema’

Dualize presents its first album ‘Sonora Cinema


The duo made up of the Levantine DJs and producers Sergio Mateo and Jose Rodríguez make their long-playing debut with an exquisite album in which they display all their sophisticated ambient electronic taste, which is nourished by techno and house, while also being influenced by IDM, downtempo, deep, pop, etc.

Nine tracks are contained in ‘Sonora Cinema‘, which is now being released by the two members of Dualize from Alicante. It goes without saying that Sergio Mateo and Jose Rodríguez – so much for so much – are two absolute references of the best Levantine underground electronica and that this alliance in the world of production assures us very good moments of fine musical contemporaneity at the service of mental solace, rather than the dancefloor, to which they have been strongly linked for decades.

‘Sonora Cinema’ is an excellent work of ambient electronica that draws on techno, IDM, minimal, deep, house, breaks, dowtempo and all that vast and rich sonic background that its authors treasure. It is an album made with meticulousness, sapience and mastery.

Its beautiful cover is the work of Javier Locarmen, @larepla_diseno




Serving as the perfect letter of introduction to the album, we immerse ourselves in ‘The slow waking of a woman’, which is a maximum delicacy, a cut of sensual and hypnotic electronica made from another planet. From its perfect complicity and, in the softness of a whisper, it invites us to dance.

‘Ritual’ is a perfect prelude in which there is equal parts electronic tension, padded synths in pursuit of an epicist passage that serves as a bridge between tracks. Our ritual is acoustic expression, the dance associated with that expression, is that clear to you?

It all continues with the hypnotic, convoluted and technoid intensity, mantra included, of the huge and vocal ‘Everything about you’. Its slowed-down rhythmic and enveloping vocals are perfectly matched by the vocals of Pastor in Vegas (Jeff Mental).

‘Samadhi’ is pure Dualize. A machine-like moaning that slowly rises in level, giving way to that capital synthesised melody, which seems to emerge from the state of consciousness in which we connect with the whole; to suddenly stop, in a textbook drop, giving way to that ideal state in which we manage to melt with each musical note, with its rhythmic pulsations, etc.

The melodic and melancholic ‘Persistence’, from its abyssal emotionality that tells us about the duo’s insistence on making music, Yes, Dualize dream with music to make us dream with it.

‘Nadis’ is a cut of technified and atmospheric electronica, endowed with a very special circulating sonic energy, which dawns little by little, without stridency, wanting to shake us out of our dreams without violence, to leave everything at the top… always so close to the abyss.

‘La cuenta atrás’ is a passage of intimate and dangerous tech-soul in which the voice of Pastor In Vegas -beyond time- immerses us even more in its ghostly, strange and distorted dynamics. We all have a personal countdown, some to achieve their goal, others to be able to keep breathing despite the lethal embrace of an invisible and implacable serpent… Perhaps the end of one countdown only heralds the beginning of a new one. Who knows.

The a priori mysterious, intricate and dystopian ‘Gods Fight’ puts the serious accent to the album; until it breaks into luminous looped arpeggios that bring back the illusion, always struggling to go towards the light, among so much synthetic mist and that brittle and against the grain percussion that so well suits this fight of gods that we fight within ourselves to remain healthy in the bosom of a sick society.

The wonderful, twilight piano of the soft, hopeful and melodic ‘For those who are not’ is a hymn to those who are no longer physically among us, but always remain in our energy and in our memory. It is only a farewell. It serves to close an album that, without a doubt, is a marvel. (Fernando Fuentes, Dec. 2021)




God creates them and electronics brings them together. Behind this new and happy sonorous duality, the producers and DJs from Alicante, Sergio Mateo and Jose Rodríguez, now stand behind this new and happy sonorous duality. Together and together they make Dualize, a sort of metaphysical and musical union of two essential elements in the best dance music of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Now they present themselves in an exciting B2B, with two minds and four hands, which, starting from a techno and deep base – with an obvious pop background and aftertaste – seeks to move souls and move bodies? Or is it the other way around?

His presentation in 2020, through an EP called ‘Unity Two‘ -published by Pablo Bolívar’s Seven Villas label– was excellently received by specialised media, including the programmes ‘Hoy empieza todo‘, ‘Paralelo 3‘, ‘Fluido Rosa‘ and ‘Siglo 21‘ on Radio3.

Their four-track DJ-live set, spiced with live instrumentation, is a sort of fascinating and danceable dual journey that gathers all the sonic wisdom of two masters in their field.

Album: Sonora Cinema
Label: Alma Libre
Release date: December 17th 2021
Format: Digital

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