News / 27 June, 2020

MOAI DJ Platform Latin America welcomes Cuadrum

DJ/Producer, Armando Alanis, aka CUADRUM, with a history of more than 15 years in the world of electronic music. From an early age he begins to explore his own creativity due to the circumstances that led him to live in various parts of the world, such as Europe, Canada, the United States and Mexico, seeking and creating a creative and unique identity, thus acquiring a distinctive and his underground style that characterizes him.

His taste for electronic music begins when he goes to live in the city of Monterrey and begins to interact with various djs on the local scene. Later, he began to play in different events and festivals such as Tierra Beat Festival on CDMX or Globo Fest in Saltillo Coahuila, thanks to this he has had the opportunity to share with artists such as: Miguel Puente, Mejia, Metrika, Martin Parra, Dave Seaman, Kassie, Sasha Braemer among others.

CUADRUM has been in charge of the turntables in the most exclusive venues in the city, such as the AM Local, iconic club in Mexico City, at the W Hotel in Polanco, Hooka Condesa, as well as entertaining private parties for internationally renowned brands like PlayBoy.

Currently specializing in music production. Always putting quality before quantity Armando shows us his distinctive underground style and focuses on various electronic genres and subgenres such as progressive house, melodic techno, minimal techno and Techno.


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