News / 9 June, 2020

Nightclubs in the Netherlands reopen their doors with limited capacity and physical distance measures

With this “panorama”, nightclubs have opened in the Netherlands after the coronavirus pandemic. The Government has authorized the opening of nightlife venues, but to avoid the temptation of contact, dancing is still prohibited. This situation is repeated in other countries of the European Union.

At the Doornroosje nightclub in the Dutch town of Nijmegen, young people enjoy a good session of electronic music, yes, respecting physical distance and, for the moment, without dancing. This is explained by the owner of the club, Jonatan Brand. “We hoped to be able to let clients dance as they did before, but the crisis has forced us to make some adjustments, although the truth is that it is quite cool, people keep dancing, even if they have to do it in the chair, hit the air with their fists and move their body, so in the end it’s great ».

In addition, the capacity is limited to 30 people, although if all goes well, there will be 100 from the month of July. Standing or sitting, you can see the desire of some to recover normality.


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