News / 17 March, 2020

Pandemic Stories: Celebrates His 32dn With Rooftop DJ Set

The confinement of Spanish citizens due to the coronavirus pandemic is causing the most creative ideas.

A few days ago, we saw how the Italians have organized to sing “Bella Ciao” in unison from the balconies of their houses.

And this time the news was given by a gastronomic businessman from Mallorca. His name is Jaume Colombas, known in his city for having worked in the Marketing Department of Real Mallorca FC.

Tired of being locked up at home, Colombas decided to celebrate his 32nd birthday with a DJ Set on the roof of his house to share the celebration with his balcony neighbors from Son Espanyolet town.

In addition to finding company for the celebration, Colombas received the happy birthday greeting from all over the neighborhood.

Check out the DJ Set video:


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