News / 6 June, 2020

Spain’s nightclubs will reopen under Phase 3 on Monday, but no dancing allowed

Night clubs in Spain has been very upset with the Government due to the prohibition to open the rooms in phase 3. Since the last news, the sector has been claiming through social networks its right to reopen taking all safety and hygiene measures.

In the last hours the Government has changed its mind and nightclubs will be able to open in the half of Spain that will be entering Phase 3 of the government’s deescalation plan for coronavirus confinement measures. This is one of the main changes included in the ministerial order published today in the Official State Gazette (BOE), and which details all of the updates that will go into effect in two days’ time.


The main changes in Phase 3 will allow nightclubs to open with a third of their capacity. However dancing is not permitted, given that “when there is an area used for a dance-floor or similar in a venue, it should be used to install tables or groups of tables, and cannot be employed for its habitual use.”

On the other hand social distancing measures will still apply, and if they cannot be observed, the use of masks will be compulsory.

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