News / 6 August, 2020

The spanish duo formed by CMIX and Howard Mind announce their new formation

These are new times for the world of night and electronic music. Hard times for risky bets, or so they say.

CMIX Dj, Producer, Radio Dj, and night agitator with more than thirty years behind him and Howard Mind, Dj Producer and vocalist, join their talent and forces to present their new project together CMIND.

CMIND was born with the purpose of offering a musical vision with much more character and identity, relying only on its truth to break with everything that everyone expects, giving way to sensations that only appear when what is to come is unknown.

In this new project CMIND will present its own vision of dance electronics in which genres such as EBM, Indie Dance and the most personal sounds can be found. A journey through the time of music, from the most glorious past to the future more evocative

We present his debut single CONFUSE.

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