May / 18 / 2021

First reference from Freestyle Man Records

First reference from Freestyle Man Records


Today in MOAI Magazine we continue with favourites. In this case, it’s a very special occasion, because it’s the premiere of Freestyle Man Records, with a release that comes in the form of musical archaeology. And we have to say, how happy we are that Klas-Henrik Lindblad aka Freestyle Man has had the good sense to rescue these three unreleased tracks from his sonic vault.
Written and produced between 1994 and 1999 by Lindblad at West 20 Studios in Turku, Finland, the EP For Your Eyes opens with a dose of sonic silk that could be labelled Balearic, with a smooth but steady rhythm and a thrilling piano omnipresent throughout the recording. For Your Eyes feat Jay La Casa & Petri Viitala is the title of the first cut on the release.


The entrance has been simply enormous. But the delights continue with All I Need (Edit). A classic but laid back House track, with a loop reminiscent of Chicago essences and a sensual female vocal in very tight doses. To close comes Harrison Fjord, which could perfectly be the soundtrack to any dancefloor, starting with an almost funk percussion pattern that gives way to waves of ethereal synthesis that guide the track to the end of its six and a half minutes.
Music for people with good taste. Straight from one of the golden ages of dance and electronic music, where BPMs were less important than creativity and quality.
We ask Klas-Henrik to continue his archaeological work. Please.

Release date May 20th. Available now for pre-order here.


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