March / 11 / 2020

Four Tet to Launch New Album, “Sixteen Oceans”

Four Tet to Launch New Album, “Sixteen Oceans”

Four Tet has just announced the release of its tenth studio album called “Sixteen Oceans” and scheduled for next Friday through a concert in The Cause, London.

The English musician and producer had already released singles “Teenage Birdsong”, “Baby” and “4T Recordings”, the last of which was premiered on the Mary Anne Hobbs show on BBC 6 Music. While “Baby” has the collaboration of Ellie Goulding.

«Sixteen Oceans» will be the continuation of «New Energy», the last album of the English musician and producer, whose real name is Kieran Hebden. It will feature 16 tracks and will be published through Four Tet’s label, Text Record.

If the coronavirus does not prevent it, the DJ will play two great shows this year: at the Hollywood Palladium and at the Avant Gardner in New York.

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