May / 6 / 2021

French trio Jabberwocky advances their new album

French trio Jabberwocky advances their new album

photo Arthur Wollenweber


Jabberwocky is the title of a nonsense poem by the famous British writer Lewis Carroll, included in the book Alice Through the Looking Glass. But it is also the title of the French trio formed by Camille Camara (piano), Emmanuel Bretou (guitar and bass), and Simon Pasquer (sampling and MAO). This trio began their career back in 2013, with a hit single called Photomaton, a track that was framed within French electronic pop… although it is true that the single included two remixes that took us to those areas of Electro and French House that were so fashionable in the first decade of the 21st century.
After the success came the trip and dizziness through the typical multinational label, which, as on many occasions, led nowhere and the commercial success obtained with Photomaton was not repeated. After the second album they toured for a long time, until they embarked on their career on the free paths of self-publishing and musical independence.
And with this, the first thing that benefited was their musical production, something that is clearly perceived in this Feeling Dancing Tempo, a track that serves as a preview of their third album of the same name. At the same time, this track is a faithful reflection of the healthy stylistic eclecticism that the French trio uses in their songs lately, as it starts with very evident House connotations, with a creative rhythmic base, that as it goes deeper into the track, is seasoned with Italo Disco, even with female backing vocals.


The rest of the album is more compact in terms of style, combining touches of French House with Italo Disco and Nu Disco. All this is so evident that the closing track of the album is called Italobingo, an orgy of analogue, organic and vintage sounds that reaches almost an eight-minute climax.
The statement of intent is evident, in the trio’s own words: “The past year we’ve changed our composing and also our habits in the studio. We’ve been using more vintage synths and, drum machines have been a starting point of our creative process. While interacting with all these machines, we wanted to capture their raw energy and create an ever moving, incarnate and alive sound.”.
When nostalgia is executed with new and tasteful ideas, it is welcome.

Feeling Dancing Tempo, the album, will be released on  June 25th via Fait Maison Records on vinyl and digital format.



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