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Tenampa Recordings & Gabriel I

Gabriel I talks about Tenampa Recordings


In the MOAI Ecosystem we have a truly remarkable addition. These days we are welcoming Tenampa Recordings, one of the best Mexican labels in the electronic music scene. Founded in 2011, it has managed in a decade of existence to count among its references works by great DJs and producers on an international scale. To find out more about this Mexican label with global projection, we spoke to Gabriel I, its founder and visible head.


Gabriel I


– Hi Gabriel, first of all, welcome to MOAI Ecosystem, it’s an honour to have Tenampa Recordings as a collaborator label. Although Tenampa is one of the most important electronic music labels in Mexico, and is also known in Europe, how would you introduce Tenampa Recordings to our readers?

Tenampa is a multi-disciplinary platform. Always with the highest standards in terms of music and design.

– We wanted to ask you about the name of the label, which is the same as the name of a municipality in the state of Veracruz… Is there a link?

When we started the project we wanted a name that our people would identify with when they listen to it. We landed on Tenampa because it has been a common name in the past for restaurants or bars with a Mexican twist. And no, there is no relation to Veracruz.

– Even having such a Mexican name and spirit as Tenampa, its releases are spread all over the world, especially in Europe, and with such important names as Maas, Seaman, Affkt, Eyerer or Babicz… How does it come to this, what synergies move to achieve this expansion?

I think this is due to the good relationship we have with the artists. They have the certainty that we are going to do our part to get their music to the right people, so that it gets the right exposure on the music platforms.



– You have just passed the release number one hundred, an achievement that not everyone in the complicated actual world of the record labels, let alone (as Tenampa has done) keeping the bar of quality high. I know the question may be difficult to answer on your part, but which has been (or have been) the reference or references that have marked a turning point or that you remember with special affection for some circumstance?

Every release has a special place for us. But if I had to pick a key moment in our catalogue, I would start with our 52nd release by Just Be. I remember Digweed playing it on the BPM before it was released and it blew my mind. It’s worth mentioning that it was our fifth anniversary and the renowned Mexican artist Smithe did the illustration for that cover.

– This year 2021, which has just begun, marks your tenth anniversary. Do you have any events in mind to celebrate it, like a compilation or a special release to mark this milestone? We imagine that we would all like to be able to attend a physical event for this anniversary, but with the global scenario, it doesn’t seem easy to foresee this kind of celebration…

We are working on a surprise for our tenth anniversary, stay tuned 😉


Tenampa design


– Personally I have loved the graphic works Xavi Fajardo has done for the image of the label. They are powerful, combining so well that tradition of Mexican design with Aztec inspiration… in general, the graphic aspect is very well taken care of in Tenampa, something that we are grateful for and that seems to be getting lost in other labels. What can you tell us about this particular and about Xavi Fajardo and that great work? Is that image of your web also his?

Xavier and I have been friends for more than 20 years. It has been a privilege to work with him since then and much of the merit or the achievements we have had in the label have been thanks to him. In a way he is also a partner and founder.

To say goodbye, we think there’s nothing better than leaving a sample of Tenampa Recordings’ good work with their latest release. It is a release by Gabriel I himself with Stefan Z called Digital Lobster, which includes a remix by Sei A, which is available for purchase here.