April / 9 / 2021

Gullen feat. Name One – Shook EP

Gullen feat. Name One – Shook EP

photos Gullen / Just Jack Facebook


Rarely does a label repeat in the same week in MOAI Magazine. But the truth is that this week, Mobilee Records has been the deserved protagonist of our cover twice.
And to close this second week of April, we have the great pleasure of bringing you what is undoubtedly one of the best releases so far in 2021. And the pleasure is double when the culprit is a national producer, specifically from Barcelona. Gullen is the author of Shook, a track that proves that the simple, executed with mastery, provides unparalleled results. A clean and effective rhythmic base with the rest of the tracks without any excess, with just the right ornamentation, with just the right pauses, resulting in a release that combines finesse and danceable strength. If we add to all this the vocal contribution of one of the most famous underground House purveyors of the last few years, we can understand why we say that we have had this EP on loop in the office since we got our hands on it. Just Jack, the Brit also known as Name One is to blame for Shook‘s vocal track, the icing on the cake.


But if that wasn’t enough, the second track on the EP, Annie’s Backyard is just as exciting as the title track (or even more), which again follows Gullen’s style rules (music to connect the organic and synthetic worlds in your head, according to his Facebook page). The track starts again without stridency, without unnecessary contributions, until a bass line overflows in crescendo and leaves just the right and necessary breaths in the almost five and a half minutes of Annie’s Backyard.
Optimistic, colourful music, but at the same time serious in terms of its danceable arguments.

You can listen and purchase Gullen´s new EP here


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