May / 4 / 2021

Gus Gus – Love is Alone EP

Gus Gus – Love is Alone EP

photo Facfiftyone


MOAI Magazine returns to Iceland again, after having visited the underground scene in Rejkyavik this past week. But this time we are taken to the land of fire and ice by one of the country’s longest running and deservedly famous bands, Gus Gus.
That project that began in 1995 as a collective of eight people who spilled their creativity between filming and the sound studio, managed in just one year to get a contract with 4AD.
This past year they celebrated their 25th anniversary, and it is two of its founding members, Biggi Veira and Daníel Ágúst who keep the group alive.
Having been working on what will be their eleventh album (titled Mobile Home), they bring us a preview of that album in the form of a six-track EP called Love Is Alone.


The EP’s title track features a collaboration with American musician John Grant, who has been living in Iceland for almost a decade now. The EP is full of interesting journeys to those places so common in Gus Gus’s discography, sometimes unclassifiable and always appealing.
One of the highlights of this journey is the remix of the track Our World by an illustrious fellow countryman, Bjarki. This Bjarki Swipe Right Mix represents the most accessible and danceable part of this sonic warrior.
An excellent preview of this future album. Gus Gus after 25 years, they are still as relevant as ever.


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