March / 26 / 2020

Ibiza Season Aims to Autumn

Ibiza Season Aims to Autumn

It is not necessary to remember the importance that the Ibiza season has for the electronic music industry. Every year, the island receives hundreds of thousands of tourists searching for the best DJs on the scene.

The impact of the coronavirus crisis will also splash on these exotic beaches and businessmen are taking note of it. These days we can found the hashtag #MoveYourSpring on social media, an initiative that offers tourists to reschedule their trip to Ibiza for the European autumn and thus get away from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The cancellation of many season’s events, such as the International Music Summit, was decisive for the beginning of this campaign. In turn, the proposal aims for employers to extend the opening of their businesses a few months longer than usual.

“In Ibiza autumn is the new spring”, highlights the campaign slogan that has confirmed several events for October such as the Ibiza Marathon, the Ibiza Swing Fun Fest and the Ibiza Bridal.

According to the organizers the main goal is also that Ibiza becomes the epicenter of the celebrations for the “end of this bad dream”. As El Mundo highlights in an article, the Ibiza season mobilizes 770 million euros in turnover and 35% of the island’s jobs.

The article also has the testimony of José Luis Benítez, manager of the Ibiza Leisure Association and director of institutional relations for the Palladium Group, who trusts that after the quarantine “people will need to party.”

Coronavirus en Ibiza: Empresarios de Ibiza se unen para que los turistas llenen la isla en otoño

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