March / 30 / 2020

IGMA: a school made for DJs

IGMA: a school made for DJs

The Galicia region has a specialized academy in the professional training of DJs and music producers. The Galician Institute of Advanced Music (IGMA) -located in the heart of Vigo- is made up of a team of professionals who have an extensive background and who have developed a training methodology designed so that each student learns at their own pace and according to their needs.

IGMA offers training courses with advanced materials and targeting different profiles of students who want to start in music production. Those who enter IGMA seek both to learn the technique of the DJ (initiation, professional or intensive) as to develop skills for mixing and mastering sound, music production or sound design and harmony.

To learn more about the work that IGMA does, we spoke with the director Toni Álvarez, the prestigious techno DJ offered us details about what differentiates the Institute from different DJ schools, about the importance of working with advanced equipment and on the industry outlook amid the coronavirus crisis.

What are the students looking for when studying at IGMA?

– Above all, professional training in each of our courses. In general, they all want producers or active DJs to really teach them how to operate in the sector in the right way. All our courses are taught by DJs and active professionals with successful careers, in addition to inviting many artists to teach Masterclass and all this is very well received. The fact that our facilities are the best in Galicia and we have 100% professional material also makes our courses very interesting. We all know that watching tutorials or taking courses with controllers is not the same as working in professional booths or in a first-rate music studio.


What sets IGMA courses apart from other DJ schools?

– Our facilities are at the forefront, we do not skimp on material of any kind and our teachers are DJs and producers with proven careers with performances throughout the planet and music published on the best record labels.

How important is for IGMA the facilities and equipment when teaching?

– A lot. For us it is very important to keep us updated in terms of facilities and equipment. To give you an example, the studio where we give the training has been designed by a benchmark in this sector such as Philip Newell, co-founder of Virgin Records together with Richard Branson. Philip is a doctor of acoustic engineering and is considered one of the world’s leading researchers and designers. Philip has been working as a sound engineer and acoustic consultant for forty years, encompassing the acoustic design of recording studios, movie theaters and auditoriums, and is on a committee seeking a new worldwide sound standard for cinema.

What does Moai DJ University bring to IGMA in this partnership that you have established?
– Above all, standardization in training, together with being able to provide a certification endorsed by universities and different associations of the most important in the world of advanced music.

How do you think the current coronavirus crisis will affect the educational and / or electronic music industry? – Above all, forcing many schools to have to develop a support in order to continue training students in these cases. For example, we have collaborated to be able to continue our training with important producers and teachers with years of experience in online training. With this, we do not seek to replace face-to-face classes, since we consider that in this type of training, the most important thing is to work hand in hand with producers and DJs, manage equipment and many other things that you could never control in an online course. But it is important that at times like these our students can at least continue their work and not keep them on stand by for periods of time that are beyond our control.

Which are your thoughts on the future of DJ schools beyond this crisis?
– I sincerely believe that high-level schools like ours will remain and even improve since these periods allow us to adapt to situations that suddenly fall on us, but it is also true that all those that are not trained to adapt will be severely damaged.


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