February / 15 / 2021

In the name of father and daughter – Floorplan returns

In the name of father and daughter – Floorplan returns

photo Robert Hood / Floorplan Facebook


History repeats itself again. Yes, the one that has been repeating itself since 2014 when Lyric, daughter of Detroit Techno legend Robert Hood, joined forces with her father to create Floorplan.
And with her, House music landed on Floorplan. House music without concessions. House music that goes straight to the rhythm receptors of the human brain. The House music we love the most.


With a bass line that is pure fuel for the feet and a hypnotic piano, father and daughter take us where they want to go again with two new tracks. Righ There and Holy Ghost are the tracks of this new release, and, after listening to them almost in continous play for a few days now, I don’t know which one to choose.
Heavy artillery for the dancefloor, that dancefloor that we miss so much, and where these two tracks will surely be played when they open up again.
On this occasion, the Hoods have released these new tracks on Luke Solomon & Derrick Carter’s label, Classic Music Company. You can buy them here


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