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Interview: Moritz Hofbauer (FCKNG SERIOUS)

Born in 1998, Moritz Hofbauer grew up in Pforzheim, southern Germany. He came in touch with music at an early age, playing cello in the local orchestra or keyboard in a band. His curiosity drove him to combine this love for music with drum machines and synthesizers.

Moritz is a young talented Dj & Producer based in Germany.

By the age of 15, Moritz was taking his first bookings and spending nights in the DJ booth of local clubs. With his release “In Between“ on Jeudi Records in 2015, Moritz set a first milestone in his budding career. Several releases and remixes for artists such as Township Rebellion, Ben Böhmer and Nils Hoffmann followed. Over the next years he steadily established himself within the clubbing scene and has since hit stages like the Docks in Hamburg, the Harry Klein in Munich or The Cloud at Art Basel Miami as well as festivals such as the Sonne Mond Sterne Festival or the Isle Of Summer. Moritz has already released on numerous labels and his productions entered the sets of artists such as Dirty Doering, Township Rebellion, Marcus Meinhardt or Aka Aka. With his music he follows his vision of a unique sound that bridges melody, art and club fever, continuously searching for new pigments to add to his musical palette.

As the latest member of the FCKNG SERIOUS family around superstar Boris Brejcha Moritz will soon release his first EP on the label as well as perform live at their global label night events.

MOAI Techno Live Sets Magazine had a nice chat and catch up with Moritz to give a better insight of his world…


How do you define your journey through the electronic music scene?

What really brought me into electronic music, was when I got a little keyboard with synthesizer and drum sounds as a teenager. I realized that it is possible to make my own music by myself without playing classical music by notes from someone else how I got taught before.

When I got home after school, I started figuring out melodies and played around with sounds on the keyboard the whole day. I realized that making music is what really makes me happy and what fulfills me and very soon it was clear to me, that I want to do this 24/7.

After making songs and beats in several genres, I finally discovered house and techno music and this opened a new world to me. 

All the time, I felt myself more as a producer than a DJ and after playing DJ Gigs for the first years it was clear to me that I want to perform my own music only live on stage. Playing live affected the way how I make music in the studio now and how I get inspired a lot. 

Around that time when I started to develop my first live set, I also got in contact with Boris and Fckng Serious. This feels like was the beginning of a new chapter for me.

So now, I am super happy to be nonstop in the studio either or to tour around as part of the Fckng Serious crew and to get the chance to present my music in so many countries and wonderful places to the people.


You started playing cello at a young age, how helpful it is to have this musical background ?

I think it is very helpful to learn how to play an instrument for making electronic music. I think by learning a classical instrument you develop a kind of sense for melodies and harmonies. Furthermore making music „with your hands“ is the most immersive way I think, thats why I like to develop melodies by jamming around on my keyboard. And that is also why I wanted to play live sets.


Do you still play cello? Would you like to try yourself back in an orchestral situation?

The last time I played the cello was many years ago, so I think my skills are really bad now. But there are artists who combined or performed their electronic music with an orchestra, thats really cool I think. Of course if this possibility would open up to me that would be awesome.

How was it to be playing music at 15 years old back in Germany?

I think when I got in contact with the nightlife the first time, I was 15 years old and got my first real DJ Gig in a local club. It was super exciting and a lot of fun, also because I probably knew all the people on the dance floor in person.

What advice would you give to a teen that is trying to achieve a successful career in the electronic music industry?

Try to develop your own sound and try out new things to stick out of the mass. Do not restrict yourself to a specific genre or a specific sound. 

Try to improve yourself with every performance or every new song you make. Be insistent.

That is what I’m trying to do.

What is the best piece of advice you have received in your life?

Enjoy life 🙂

What are you currently working on (music wise)?

Currently I am working nonstop in the studio on new songs to develop and extend my live set. In every new song I try to discover and explore new sounds and melodies to develop my own sound more and more. But thats also a never ending process I think.

Can you tell us a bit about your forthcoming music in the label FCKNG SERIOUS ?

My new single „Planet F“  will be out tomorrow which is kind of a special song to me because I tried to create a some more darker and a kind of gloomy atmosphere with that song. It is also more techno-influenced so I am excited to play it live to see how the people will react and how the feedback will be.

Moreover my next single is also already in the pipeline and it also has some different vibes than my previous releases. Maybe it has some rock music attitudes. 

And I am planning to do an Album. This will be very special to me since it will be my very first one. But this is probably something for 2023.