July / 5 / 2021

John Tejada & Ulrich Krieger remixed by Josh Wink

John Tejada & Ulrich Krieger remixed by Josh Wink

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This release brings together three big names in contemporary music from different backgrounds. John Tejada, born in Austria but so long a resident of Los Angeles that he is considered an Angeleno, having lived there since childhood. At this point, there are not many introductions to John Tejada… classically trained in classical music from an early age, Tejada’s career spans over thirty years and he is one of the legends of Techno, most often recording on Kompakt Records or on his own label, Palette Recordings (as on this occasion).
Then there is another European who has emigrated to Los Angeles, Ulrich Krieger, a musician whose CV includes work with Lou Reed and John Cage, to name but two examples. His career began with classical academic training, but throughout his career, experimentation has been a constant.
Both Tejada and Krieger are professors at CalArts (California Institute of the Arts), and one day after talking about Techno in that professional environment, they decided to give shape to this curious collaboration.
To culminate the project, another illustrious American figure of underground electronic music, Josh Wink, was called in. Dj, producer and musician, record label owner, he doesn’t need many introductions either… on the list of those artists who have bequeathed generational hymns to the recent history of music (Higher State of Consciousness).


What is the result of this combination? A track called Silversonic, which in its original version energetically combines Tejada’s ability to get any human being dancing to his rhythms with Krieger’s wind section barrage of his particular manipulation of the microphonics.
For the remixes, Wink resorts to his usual tools, of proven solvency and undeniable effectiveness. Both the normal remix and the dub version are built from a glorious rhythmic loop that needs very little more to obtain two tracks that aim for any dancefloor.
To complete this collaboration is the Beatless version, in which Krieger unleashes his more experimental skills.

Silversonic release date: July 16, 2021



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