January / 9 / 2021

Joseph Capriati in serious condition after being stabbed (updated)

Joseph Capriati  in serious condition after being stabbed (updated)

In the early hours of January 9th, the local Italian newspaper, Caserta News, informed about some worrying news. Joseph Capriati, the famous electronic music producer and dj, was hospitalized around 22.00 hrs. on January 8th, with a deep stab wound in the upper left part of his chest. Due to the severity of the injuries, doctors at the Sant´Anna e San Sebastiano Hospital of Caserta fear for the dj´s life.

Joseph Capriati usually lives in Spain, but because of the pandemic, he returned to his father´s house, in the district of Falciano di Caserta. There is an ongoing policial investigation, and his father has been provisionally detained as the alleged perpetrator of the attack. Sources from the local Police Squad declared that probably everything began with an argument about something banal, escalating until allegedly the father stabbed Joseph Capriati with a kitchen knife. The knife was also found in the place of the event and the supposed perpetrator is awating the judicial orders.

But for now, the most important thing is hoping and waiting for the full recovery of Joseph Capriati, or, at least, knowing that his life is not at risk.

(Updated 20:00 hrs.) The latest news from the local press is hopeful. The surgical intervention has been successful and his condition is stable but still critical at this stage. The next 48 hours are crucial. Talking about the police investigation, more details of the unfortunate incident are becoming known. It seems that a family argument happened in which Capriati allegedly hit his father, who responded by stabbing the Italian dj. His father is still in custody, awaiting a preliminary court hearing on Monday.

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