January / 27 / 2021

Joseph Capriati recovers from a second surgery

Joseph Capriati recovers from a second surgery

Courtesy Medusa Festival

Joseph Capriati is recovering at the Monaldi Hospital in Naples after undergoing a second surgery a few days ago.

He was transferred from Caserta to the Neapolitan hospital after suffering complications following the first operation he underwent after being stabbed on the night of January 8th. This second operation lasted six hours, according to the DJ himself, he declared the doctors saved his life for the second time. Joseph reported a good prognosis after this second surgery, and declared that in about five days he would hopefully be able to return home and see the end of this horrible nightmare.

We certainly hope that this is the case, that he can now begin the last phase of his recovery and return to his normal life. This will take some time, however, as his father, Pietro Capriati, who is still on provisional release pending the trial to determine his sentence (if any) for the events of the night of 8 January in the family home in Falciano di Caserta.

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