February / 22 / 2021

Journey to the origins of minimal techno

Journey to the origins of minimal techno


We are going to enjoy the result of a successful archaeological excavation. Thanks to трип, Nina Kraviz‘s imprint, we will be able to enjoy tracks that have not seen the daylight for a long time, including three unreleased tracks.
Steve O’Sullivan is an endangered species in the world of electronic music, one of those few musicians who don’t do dj sets. A pioneer of minimal techno, he grew up in West London and developed his early musical years between dub, reggae and electro. According to the chronicles, the day he discovered Robert Hood‘s productions, his musical influence drifted definitively towards Techno.
Steve O´Sullivan is also the owner of the legendary Mosaic label, which has served as a launching pad for artists such as Baby Ford, Ricardo Villalobos, Ben Sims and Roman Flugel, to name but a few of the names who have recorded on Mosaic.


steve o´sullivan green trax

Green Trax is a compilation of tracks he released on his own label (Green/As It Is, a sub-label of Mosaic) between 1995 and 1999, including three unreleased tracks that Steve has rescued from his personal archive of recordings. The tracks offer a faithful portrait of the underground scene of those years, with hypnotic and narcotic minimal techno, dark in many of its passages. The release date for this amazing compilation is March 12th, but pre-order is possible now here.
In these days when almost anything is called Techno, it doesn’t hurt to take a look at records like Steve O’Sullivan’s to see that sometimes, in the present, the term is used in the wrong way.



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