April / 1 / 2020

Koel Wilder: “Rock does not exclude house music”

Koel Wilder: “Rock does not exclude house music”

When Koel Wilder began his career as a bassist in the rock band Downkiss in 2004 he never imagined the outcome of his musical production. After releasing an album with his band -“Push me to the limits of the calculating madness”- and two EPs, the bassist player decided to start his solo project as a DJ and original music producer, which would lead to a taste marked by house, deep house, tech house and electro.

The truth is that Wilder was always attracted to electronic music. Since he was a teenager in the 90s he listened to radio programs that played house music, in particular a historical program called «DJ Time», which inspired many of the Italian DJs. But if he has to mention a name as his main influence, he will stick with Parov Stelar. “I love his music and his lives. He manages to mix house, deephouse and tech-house sounds with those of the old swing and blues music of the first half of the 1900s and his concerts are full of energy, since he always plays with a live band,” explains Koel Wilder, shedding more light on this connection between rock and electronic music.

Despite his turn into house music, the Italian DJ continues to play bass, which he says has helped him a lot with the rhythm of electronic music.  “I believe that if you listen to my songs and my dj/sets well this influence can be found,” he says. “In any case, rock does not exclude house music, especially nowadays where the differences between the various musical genres have become very thin. Personally, I think it is foolish to be trapped in this type of mental pattern right now.”

The preference for being a DJ is also explained by the need to make decisions by himself. “in a band there are too many minds to coordinate and many times it is difficult to agree and play what you really like,” he explains. “After more than 10 years I had gotten a little tired of this. As a DJ and producer, I have a free field to do what I really want!”

His debut as a producer was in August 2015, when Wilder released his first EP called “Leave The City” for Loud Dj’s Records (now Big Tunes Records). This year the production continues as he has just released the EP “Hot Sensi”, which contains four tracks. Also he released the single “Lights On”, of which he also made his first official video with Switch Lab. “I’m already working on new tracks, it’s still early to understand if and when they will be ready and available, but I really hope to be able to make many other productions this year.”

Among the artists with whom he identifies his creative universe, he chooses Purple Disco Machine, Camelphat, Nicolas Jaar, Fisher, CrazyP, Solomun, Sahalè, Nu and Sofi Tukker. “As for the various music scenes around the world, I really like the ones in Detroit and Chicago, as well as the one in Ibiza, almost obvious for a European,” he adds. Over the years, Koel Wilder built a long road by playing at festivals and clubs in Italy such as Spirit of Woodstock Festival, George’s, Il Borro-Ferragamo, Hard Rock Cafe Firenze – where he was resident DJ -, L’Alter Ego and many more. From 2016 until today he is resident DJ in “Covo de Ricci”, in Figline Valdarno.

But now, the harsh reality that his country is going through forces him to focus on his productions. Although the coronavirus emergency has stopped almost all activities, Wilder is optimistic for the future of his DJ career. “I hope that thanks to the help of the MOAI agency, many more doors will open than those that have been opened so far. I can already see that many things are improving, “he acknowledges.

While hoping that the impact of the emergency will be as smooth as possible, Wilder believes that many things will change both from a work and a social point of view: “I hope we can rediscover those situations and emotions that perhaps have been lost a bit in recent years. years, for various reasons. When the virus is eradicated, the cure will be fun. When we can start dating, there will be a great desire to be together, celebrate and dance. Those of us who do this work must be prepared to make this possible. It will be a pleasant task entertaining people and it will be even more beautiful than before. ”


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