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L.O.O.F. new single ‘Spinning In The Wind’.

This is the advance single from their new album of the same name.


Iván Dueñas aka L.O.O.F. (Landscape of Outstanding Features) returns, at the dawn of 2022, to the music scene with ‘Spinning On The Wind’, a track that talks about the intense way in which our love wounds are marked on our skin and in our psyche, and that, according to L.O.O.F. himself, “if we dedicate enough time and love to close them, their transformative component is very powerful. It also speaks to how sometimes it is better to rest our minds and replenish our strength, rather than struggle to bring our lives to a place where it is costing us too much energy at the time”.



‘Spinning on the Wind’ is a soulful, dreamy and sophisticated electronica track, with clear deep-space-disco leanings and a synth-pop soul that exhales nineties aromas, built with an MPC digital bass that gives it texture and rhythm, a backwards sampled guitar and percussion that plays with various types of beats. The Newordian basses come in to give maturity and consistency to the cut. L.O.O.F.’s own metallic voice humanises it, but only as much as necessary.

Album: Spinning On The Wind
Release date:  February 04th 2022
Format: Digital

Listen to it by clicking here