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La Antoñita hosts the Kontakt Electroniques Collectives Murcia Festival

We had a nice interview with Juan Jose Carrasco López also known as Daytona Team about a very cool event that is happening in early February. It is called Kontakt Electroniques Collectives Murcia Festival. And this is what he told us:

Where is the event taking place?

It will take place in La Antoñita. And is it surrounded by orange and lemon trees, La Antoñita is a huge and beautiful villa. It is located in Pozo Estrecho, which is a town in Murcia, Spain,  with a wealth of culture and traditions that have made it an Asset of Common Interest. In this magical place there are various indoor and outdoor spaces, gardens, swimming pool, bars, furniture, sound, lighting, stages and a very large parking lot. It also has an old tower that touched the sky in 1906 and La Antoñita the whole site currently fuses architecture, nature, culture, gastronomy and music.

It also has various spectacular spaces such as:

El Campo: Open-air space that is ideal to enjoy with friends. it has a bar and pool area. This space has audio and lighting in perfect harmony with nature.

La Moderna: It is the prelude to the Villa, a coffee, a gathering or for dancing. All this framed by a fascinating fireplace.

El Patio: It is the meeting point and the cloister of the town. Open to the sky, surrounded by imposing forged windows and has audio and lightning systems.

La Cuadra: Space between rammed earth and mud bricks in the old stables of the town, this space has a bar and is equipped with audio and lighting.

La Pinada: It is a large, covered space, where it merges with the environment thanks to the construction materials, which convey the feeling of being outdoors.

La Playa: For great outdoor creations and to enjoy the sunny and hot weather.

When is the party going to be celebrated?

On February 5, 2022, an Electronic Brunch organized by Mona Records will take place in this fantastic place.

What is Mona Records? 

Mona Records is a label created in 2008 to host quality electronic music. Mainly in its Minimal, Techno, Detroit, Deep House, Tech House, Dark Techno currents. They have several delegations in Spain, Italy, Germany, Brazil and Japan that help the music released by the label reach thousands of music enthusiasts and DJs.

What can be expected musically during this event?

The musical offer of the Electronic Brunch ranges from Deep House, Downtempo, Afro House, Minimal, Tech House, Detroit Techno, Dark Techno and more.

The event will be available and open to the public from 11:30 in the morning and the musical coverage will be until 02:00. It should be noted that it will be an open-air event and will have all the sanitary measures and government regulations in force on the day of the event.