May / 17 / 2021

Luke Alessi feat. Stereo MC´s – Matter

Luke Alessi feat. Stereo MC´s – Matter

Photo Luke Alessi Facebook / Chiara


At MOAI Magazine we love the Mobilee Records catalogue for its originality. The musical selection is always spot on, and many of their releases always have that extra special touch, as in today’s case.
The protagonist of this new release is an emerging artist from Australia, Luke Alessi, who has been filling all the Australian and New Zealand clubs where he plays. As a producer, this is the third year of his career, and releasing on Mobilee Records indicates that his career is definitely on the rise.
This new track from the Australian is called Matter, and has as an additional attraction the vocal support of Robert Charles Birch, MC born in Ruddington, UK, and who is better known as Rob B and for being the leader of Stereo MC’s, mythical and legendary band with more than thirty years of career.


For all these reasons, Matter is a very interesting release, which combines the musical base of the Australian with the smooth and almost atmospheric vocal contribution of Rob B. On the EP there is a remix of the track by Aaaron, a Berlin artist from the roster of Connected, Stereo MC’s label, who imbues it with essences close to Deep House without losing the original spirit.
To close the package, Alessi brings us Tills Theme, a track that is very much in line with the Australian’s production, with an elevated rhythm and fun, changing and tropical-inspired additions in some cases.

The release date is May 19th, but it is already available for pre-order here.



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