June / 22 / 2020

Madrid will have one of the most important electronic music clubs in Europe

Madrid will have one of the most important electronic music clubs in Europe

The opening is scheduled for the beginning of 2021. The promoters of the Carola Morena room are already in negotiations to bring the main DJs to the international scene in the capital, once the refurbishment works that are located in the old train station Principe Pio have been completed.

Carola Morena, the most groundbreaking music club in Madrid, is inspired by New York clubs and is part of the macro entertainment complex installed in the emblematic station. The rehabilitation works that will house the hall and a restaurant have already begun, which aim to be a reference for leisure and culture and one of the driving forces behind tourism in the capital.

The Carola Morena room has luxurious facilities, suitable for people with functional diversity, who may have clients who enjoy music. Not in vain for its construction, an acoustic study of an auditorium has been carried out; It also has a stage lighting system and effects such as CO2 JETS and laser cannons that make the room offer a high-fidelity visual and auditory experience unprecedented in Spain.



The club has 1700 square meters, tens of thousands of digitized light points and a system that will guarantee the permanent renewal of the air as well as a state-of-the-art environment and cutting-edge technology. On the other hand, the tower, where the restaurant with stunning views of the city will be located, has 1500 square meters and plans to be a benchmark for traditional cuisine, with touches of distinction.



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