April / 26 / 2021

Markus Homm – Once Again EP

Markus Homm – Once Again EP

photos Still Hot Berlin


In 2017 Still Hot began its journey as a record label with a release by a couple who have always been on the best of terms when it comes to producing music.
That pair was formed by a German, Markus Homm, and a Romanian, Mihai Popoviciu.


Four years later, Markus Homm is in charge of releasing the Berlin label’s twentieth release, and this time he also calls on his partner Popoviciu to remix the EP’s title track.

Once Again is the name of the title track of the release, where the beauty of the simple is evident, with clean and surgical Tech House aimed at the dancefloor. Mihai Popoviciu gives it a more Deep House oriented approach, a nuanced vision without losing the original spirit. The EP is completed with the hypnotic Bora.
A great way to celebrate Still Hot’s twentieth release, which arrives on May 7th, but can be pre-ordered here.



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