October / 2 / 2020

MOAI DJ Bookings presents MOAI around the world

MOAI DJ Bookings presents MOAI around the world

Moai expands. Moai spreads. Safely and inexorably, the tentacles of this pioneering initiative reach more corners of our planet.

MOAI was born to offer all the necessary services so that DJs and artists can focus only on musical creation and leave everything else in our hands. Even in times of uncertainty and distress that we are living in now, MOAI advances with a firm course and establishes the total platform for artists and DJs in the American continent. The Moai Bookings team reinforces its crew with the addition of new and important members. Covering from Costa Rica to Argentina, from the Caribbean to Patagonia, we have the honor to present our Latin America Manager, Ezequiel Marinoni. More than 20 years in the bag working in almost all the facets that one can imagine within the world of music: dj, promoter, producer, booking manager … his incorporation to the MOAI Bookings team is fundamental for our connection with parts of Central America and the entire south of the continent. The second incorporation is no less important. Roberto Montoya, better known as Numen, who has another two decades of experience in the electronic scene in Mexico. From his own country to Canada, Numen will be the member of the MOAI Bookings team that coordinates all the activity in that area as North America Manager. Another tremendous addition to the team consolidating the activity and services of Moai in such an important region of our planet.

And, to finish the team´s new incorporations, we leave the captain of the MOAI Bookings team, Luis Bonias, who will also be in charge of channeling this activity in Spain and Portugal as Global Booking Manager. He has been in the Spanish music scene for more than 30 years, working mainly as a dj and producer, although his curriculum covers some other areas within the world of music. A fundamental piece of the MOAI gear, Luis Bonias coordinates the global activity of MOAI Bookings, Carlos Cmix coordinates the global activity of MOAI Platform, its expansion around the world and joins the efforts of the rest of the Bookings team composed of Mattia Dori as Southern and Central Europe Manager, Carlos Martinez (Northern Europe Manager) , Mazvydas Rupsys (Eastern Europe Manager) and Simo Mbete as Africa Manager.

The team expands and strengthens. MOAI looks ahead.






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