December / 9 / 2020

MOAI DJ Bookings Roster

MOAI DJ Bookings Roster

MOAI Around the world – Bookings Roster

Despite the unfortunate circumstances this year 2020 has brought us, at MOAI we have wanted to continue our efforts on adding resources and preparing our ecosystem to adapt to the changing environment and try to prepare for the future.

In accordance with this philosophy, and to reinforce the existing team, the MOAI Bookings roster (non-exclusive roster) has been incorporating new assets during this year. For this reason, we want to present this entire line-up, which is currently expanding over several continents, and which continues and will continue to grow.

In America we have:

Armandd G (Guatemala), Dorian Chávez (Chile), Emi Galván (Argentina), Fernando Picón y Martín Panizza desde Uruguay, Numen (Mexico), Ezequiel Marinoni (Costa Rica),

In Europa:

Alan Banjo (Italy), Martin Budsen (Sweden/UK), Dextro (Portugal), Ismael Rivas, Javier González, Andre Vicenzzo, Jacobo Padilla, Luis Bonias, Iván Pica, David Medina, Toni Álvarez, Carlos CMix, Lessone, Yon-X, Justo Pérez, Gorrión, Oibaf & Wallen, Pedro Silva, Isabela Clerc, Brio y Marcos Groove Spain).

Rest of the world:

Karim Soliman (Egypt/Holland) Elena Pavla (Russia) y Hideyoshi (Japan).

Our roster is a fundamental part of MOAI Bookings, the primary human component that sustains this area of ​​our ecosystem. To complete this area, MOAI Bookings has collaborations with venues, clubs, record labels and events.

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