December / 19 / 2020

MOAI Dj Platform Asia welcomes Eli David

MOAI Dj Platform Asia welcomes Eli David

Eli David was born in the 80s when the music became a little more electronic. At the age of 14, he began his journey in the music world as a DJ and producer. Over the years Eli has played in countless clubs and events all over the world and danced thousands of people every day.

Eli specializes in house music in most of its flavors and its constant excitement is to make you move to the sounds of the rhythm. Eli ran a music management company in Israel from the music field and in 2020 he made a strong desire to return his original material together with other artists in Israel and around the world.

Eli David has a rich knowledge of understanding and musical connection and has the ability to make any song interesting to all types of house music lovers and all his life has been enjoyed in the musical world and now you hear the many inspirations he has gained in his life

Releases on:
Nylo, Trippy Code, Run records, Flemcy records, Ballroom Records‏ and much more along the way…