December / 22 / 2020

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes Alejandro Tolosa

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes Alejandro Tolosa

The young man from Cartagena, Alejandro Tolosa, began to enter the world of electronic music when he was very young, with only 15 years old.

Before reaching the age of majority, he began to have his first events in his hometown and until today, where he has passed through different parts of Spain, renowned clubs and festivals such as Animal Sound and Traketeo World Tour, sharing the bill with artists of the stature of Fátima Hajji, Horacio Cruz, Gonçalo, Carlos Agraz, Andres Arias, Peerk (component of The YellowHeads) and a long etc. He has also participated in different online events and radio stations in countries such as France, Morocco, Peru, Mexico and Portugal.

He currently has his own program on the Madrid radio Most Radio and collaborates in the electronic program on Saturdays of RTV Tarifa. He was also a collaborator of the well-known radio LocaFM in the Region of Murcia.

His sessions are characterized by creating a fusion of styles such as techno, tech house and progressive, always maintaining a fresh, melodic and underground line.


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