July / 16 / 2020

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes Alex Loco

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes Alex Loco

Alex Crivaro aka Alex Loco was was born in Milan in Italy in May 1977. He started in 1991, still a teenager, adopting a “trick” to slow down the time on cassettes, which was then accompanied by the vinyl technique, transmitted to him by a dear friend deejay.

From the moment he put his hand to a turntable, Alex has never stopped loving music for a second. Soon, however, the fun turned into hard work. He presented his music in various parties and clubs in Milan with the name of Alessandrino and in 1995 he began his adventure at the famous Milanese disco Ipotesi, famous in the 90s. He made himself noticed on one of the most acclaimed Sundays in Lombardy, playing alongside some of the best national DJs.

Thus his career began to come to life. In the following years, Alex was very present on the Milanese territory, bringing his music to clubs such as Le Cinema, Hollywood, Time, Old Fashion, the Atlantique and many others. He also played in one of the most anticipated summer festivals at the San Siro Stadium. In 1999 he participated in a contest, on the occasion of the closure of all the schools, held at the PalaTrussardi (now known as PalaSharp) in Milan, winning the Oscar with the title of Best Alternative Dj.

Work now went hand in hand with passion. This led Alex to go through various musical sounds and to expand his repertoire and his personality more and more: thus he went from experimental to techno and in 2009 the name “Alex Loco” replaced the previous one. For him he changed the name but not the job: for over 2 years he played at the De Sade disco in Milan, at the DinDaa Daa evening. At the end of this experience, in 2011 an unforgettable project came to life in collaboration with the History of Italian Music: Franchino, 00Zicky, Ricky Le Roy, Mario Più and Joy Kitikonti (Matrix), which continued for over 3 years, bringing their own music even outside Lombardy.

In 2014 the collaboration with the Matrix ended and in search of personal feedback, Alex dedicated himself to production. Two of his tracks were released for two Record Labels: Daniele Kama’s Tulipe Records and Einsewaren, a well-known German label, three more tracks for Hussy Records and finally, in July the first official Ep “Hablando” was released for the Label Groove A Lot Records.

Italian based artist al ready Paul’s Boutique Music,Witty Tuens, Happy techno, No Preset, Natural rhythm, Go Deeva Records, Elastic beatz, Tulipe records, Klaphouse Records, Eisenwaren,and many moore.


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