February / 23 / 2021

MOAI DJ Platform Europe welcomes Bucky

MOAI DJ Platform Europe welcomes Bucky

Bucky is a 29-year-old Belgian DJ/Producer.

It was 2010 when Bucky dabbled with electronic music (House, DnB, and Dubstep). In 2018, he was hooked to Techno. His next step was to release a debut single in June 2019. The track, “Mayday” was featured in club Forty Five (Hasselt, Belgium) and Studio Brussel.

Recently, he has released two tracks on Strohm Records and four on Lipstick On Records, and there are more to come, totaling 14 records by the end of 2020.

Bucky’s tracks have been played on local radio stations, and this is just the beginning for this aspiring DJ and recording artist who delights in Techno with heavy kicks and crazy Acid sounds.

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