November / 20 / 2020

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes Buendia

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes Buendia

Carmen Buendía, producer, composer and Murcian Dj based in Madrid. Since she was little she has lived by and for music, training and carving out a career in the performing and musical arts.

Later and already settled in Vigo, she began other projects within electronic music as co-founder of Carycar Club, producing, supporting and contributing as a platform and space to parties such as: Se7e Visions (Electronic, Deep House, Techno), Overdose (Trap, Future House and new music), Less Bad Festival! (Blues, Rock, Surf, Garage) and others like Jamacuco Fest, Invasive Sessions …

During this time with the Carycar Dj’s project, she had residencies in local nightlife venues such as: Gloria, Lolita 13, Carycar Club, Mondo Club Vigo and at festivals such as Low Festival 2015, Electric Club, Invasive Sessions, Rave Market.

In 2015, she decided to move to Madrid and start hers new project BUEND heartthA, a new stage to unleash her creativity and evolve within this world that she is so passionate about, electronic music.

Eclectic deejay, with a very personal vision of electronics, and who moves freely in styles as diverse as: IDM, EWM, Downtempo, House, Deep House, Progressive House, Melodic Techno, Acid Techno, Mental Techno … Creating unique and varied sessions that do not leave anyone indifferent. Being able to develop a own label sound line.

In 2016 she decided to create the “Get Dark” parties and thus contribute her musical vision to the scene without neglecting her work as a music producer; combining it with her teaching work at the Music Production School and Dijing DJP Music School (Madrid).

Winner of the 2016 TalentoSOS Dj’s contest in April of the same year. Since that moment her career has been exponential, creating sessions and performing in places such as: Low Festival (Benidorm), SOS Festival (Murcia), 85C Festival (Vigo), Sala Rem (Murcia), Sala Mondo (Vigo), Hotel Me. Reina Victoria (Madrid), Comba (Madrid), EKHO (Sala Arena, Madrid), Ballesta Club (Madrid), La Riviera (Madrid), Interclub (Madrid), Sala Republik (Madrid), Sala Specka (Madrid), Areia Colonial. Chill Out (Madrid), El Amante (Madrid), Sala Siroco (Madrid), Café La Palma (Madrid), Sala Moroder (Madrid), Rave Market (Madrid), Noches Gatas (Torer negotó Madrid), Data Club (Madrid). , Papa Loves Mambo (Café Berlin, Madrid), Rastro Live (Madrid), RootedCon’2020 (Madrid), Musichood (Madrid), among others.

Currently her performances in Dj Set format, are combined with those of Live Performance, in which she presents between visuals and lighting designed for the live, her musical imaginary and productions created exclusively for this format.


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