February / 3 / 2021

MOAI DJ Platform Europe welcomes Cliquee

MOAI DJ Platform Europe welcomes Cliquee

DJ & producer Cliquee, (clicky) started DJing professionally in 2007, this led to him producing his debut EP and signing with Society Music Recordings in April 2016.

Since signing with Society Music, Cliquee has also signed to Kaleydo Beats, Aila Records, Antarctic Records, TrueLife Recordings, SubTech Collective Light, SubTech Collective Dark, BlackKat, NightShift Records, KONNEQT, Acid 606-61, Bubblejam, Whole Story & Maintain Replay Records. His tracks have been used on various compilation albums for the likes of Techno Kreis, Techno Szene Records, Re:vibe Audio, Unlicensed Radio Records, Green Alien Records, Spiral Groove Recordings, Honey Bunny, Ten Tec Stuck, Weltrienelli Supa Sound, SMR Underground, RH2 and Techno Materials.

Originally from Portsmouth (UK), he has performed all over England including London’s Ministry of Sound, as well as Amsterdam Dance Event, London, Brighton, Italy & Cyprus.

Since moving back into the production side of the industry, he has had great success within the Techno scene. His style is unique and eclectic, best described as Tech with a twist his sound has elements of Techno, Progressive House, Minimal Techno, Detroit Techno, Dub Techno and Deep Tech, as well as influences from his wide appreciation for all musical styles.

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