December / 21 / 2020

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes David Catena Dj

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes David Catena Dj

David Catena DJ Madrileño, based in the Valencian Community, awakened his passion for electronic music with only 9 years, having the opportunity at the age of 16 for the already well-known Dj Valen, to give him his first teachings that gave rise to today , to continue working in this world of music and to whom he will always be grateful.

Like many, he first went through positions of PR, staff etc. trying to learn and be close to the dj’s, until he reached the booths and put on his first records. He began to DJ in 2000 at raves in his native community, acquiring his first residence in 2002 in various discos and clubs in Madrid and later until 2016 in venues and clubs in Alicante, specifically in Torrevieja.

His career as a DJ began influenced by dance, until 2004 when he began to work with house, techno & techno house, especially motivated by renowned DJs such as Ismael Rivas, Ivan Pica, Wally Lopez etc.

He currently combines his work as an Entrepreneur, Fitness Trainer, Promoter & Dj. In his career he has had the opportunity to play in many clubs and events throughout the province of Madrid and Alicante with great success.

Today David Catena Dj, dedicates much of his time to major NPC & IFBB PRO League events, thematizing through music every moment and category, as well as performing deep house, melodic house & techno or house sets, in different places, be it private events or clubs …..

Music is his whole world, with it he expresses and tells us the story of him in each set made with passion and feeling.



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