August / 17 / 2020

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes Dj Forest

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes Dj Forest

Daniel Piñuel Bosque, with artistic name Dj Forest, born in Alicante aged 21, DJ and Musical Producer.

He has gone through different musical stages in his life, he was only 5 years old when he played the piano in public for the first time, later, the rhythm inspired him much more, so from that moment he learned drums at a self-taught level, he spent 2 years in a Hard-Rock group like Drums, in 2017 they got rid, sold their drums and decided to enter this great world of musical entertainment.

Thanks to a Casting on social networks, he began his first bowling in the Light session of Sala The One, likewise, he played in different places in Alicante such as Copity, Madness, Bikers and Hartys events among others, he has also performed bowling at weddings at the Patio de San Juan, in baptisms and communions in Salones Saladas in Elche and in Moros y Cristianos in Villa-franqueza.

In 2018 his dream of becoming a professional became little by little reality, however, today he has a Private Diploma from Millenia Studios. He is currently finishing the 2nd year of Electronic Music Production at Millenia, as well as finishing this year as a specialist in sound engineering at the Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM).

The objective of this dual training is to combine their studies of electronic music with those of acoustic music, making their knowledge of music production as broad and forceful as possible. He has a lot of passion and enthusiasm being a very committed person in this profession, he wants to dedicate all his effort and energy to the world of music, since since he was very young it is the illusion of his life. I meet his goals and he feels sure of himself, so he is ready wherever he steps to leave a mark with a unique and unrepeatable style.


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