October / 21 / 2020

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes Domgilseven

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes Domgilseven

DJ Domgilseven also known as Dominik – FRIDOM Djs in which during that moment was the mutual fusion of Fritz Andermann and Dominik Gil – both experienced the market as Djs since the early 90’s after having directed – the Legendary – Nightclub called KOKO CLUB – based in Germany / Mannheim, which experienced a sweeping / shattering success for its after-hour parties, along with all its Techno fans / fan-ravers being fans from Frankfurt-based clubs like Omen (Sven Väth ) and Dorian Gray (Mark Spoon +) as the best resident DJs at the time.

The impact of this electronic music, inspired from the highest level, was positively developed in our great Techno culture. Also to mention, the magnificent collaboration between clubs, of the popular MILK in Mannheim, as resident DJ LXK (Alex Kaiser and Stefano Libelle), with the current owner of the record label X-Zel, (DJ Alex Kaiser) linking a remix worked by Orlando Voorn “The Wanderkoenig”. DJs like Chris Liebing, Marco Zaffarano, Pascal Feos + Laurent Garnier, Oliver Lieb, Sven Väth, Frank Lorber, Ricardo Villalobos, Alexander Kowalsky, Anthony Rother – producers like Ralph Hildenbeutel, Jam and Spoon, were part of the day to day. Record labels such as Speicher, Drumcode, Kanzleramt, Eye Q Records, Harthouse, No Respect, Bonzai, Bush, Supernova, it was essential, reflecting best results to date. Hereby knowing how to keep projects at the top – based on quality with the saying of “less is more” being transmitted with great personality and understanding to passion.

Also missing to name, at present, the great participation in various broadcasts of radio podcasts LIVE, with London radio channel, (www.groovelondon.com), broadcasting their own program called “The Creativesound Show) by domgilseven being these every Friday morning from 1.00 AM to 3.00 AM -CET with presentation of producers fresh songs and / or own productions. Personally, we think about making possible the difference between a great sound and turning it into deep melodic themes in incredible bass lines with Basses that devastate reaching the addiction of heavenly sound giving margin to a professional environment confirming by the results thus acquired, simply melting quality with musical passion.


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