October / 8 / 2020

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes Ernie XD

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes Ernie XD

Ernesto Rodriguez AKA Ernie XD, the passion for electronic music comes from a very young age, when he began to frequent his first discos in Euskadi, Galicia and Asturias and immediately he realized that Techno and House music got into his veins and made him enjoy as he had never felt. His first achievements came right away, it didn’t take long for him to buy some strap plates, and start trying to make his first mixes.

Until one day, in 2002, the deejay did not appear at a motorcycle rally in the Galician town of Bueu, in Pontevedra, and with some courage, he spoke with the organization, asked them for an opportunity and they agreed, since the The hired deejay did not appear, in the end and they let him play for 10 hours, except for the night with success and the organization paid him € 200 as a thank you, with only 17 years.

An unforgettable night still remembered in that town, Galician since it was the first motorcycle rally that took place in the town, and it must be said, Ernie XD (Vasckito), put the town to bounce with techno and hardtrance. Shortly after, and after the success of that motorcycle rally, he got the opportunity to be a lightjockey in the largest nightclub in the region and the most famous in Pontevedra, due to its age. The Sala Paraíso, Fernando, was very surprised to see the boy operating the lights, it was an old equipment, all manual, Ernie proposed a change of direction of the room with a Trance session on Sundays, which were previously for commercial music.

The idea was so successful that, Sunday after Sunday, people from nearby towns arrived in buses chartered by the management. Fernando was clear, he asserted “this guy knows what he’s doing, he’s a magician with the Technics and has charisma, that’s why boy, this booth is yours, you open tomorrow” and that’s how he made that disco with more than 40 years old, He was a reference in TRANCE and TECHNO music in the south of Galicia, competing directly with the most powerful clubs of the moment, such as, OXIDO, ZOO CLUB, CANELAS, LP45, CARABAS, CLIP, in which he also performed several times, with artists like, Erick Morillo, Chus & Ceballos, DJ Pepo, Christian Smith, Jesus Del Campo, Milutxo, Toni Alvarez, Pastkual, ​​Dani Longo, Fernando Mesa, among other artists …

After a few years retired, for work reasons and only doing sessions through his social networks, as a hobby, he has returned during confinement due to COVID19, to stay on our roster.

He is currently a Techno and House style deejay, although he also collaborates with the Trance.es website and also on his Facebook fanpage, in sessions called “Remember Room by Ernie” eventually, with Remember Trance sessions, although it is no longer his style. main in live performances. This deejay is pure joy and charisma, he does not disappoint, that’s why he belongs to the MOAI roster with his new alias. ERNIE XD


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