March / 5 / 2021

MOAI DJ Platform Europe welcomes Fil Dex

MOAI DJ Platform Europe welcomes Fil Dex

Born and raised in & around Antwerp, Fil started listening to music at the age of 10.
Every month, he was eager to listen to the tapes his father collected that contained all the new hits.
That way, Fil developed his passion for sounds & music.

2 important reasons were the foundation for his love for electronic music, also called ‘House’ & ‘Techno’:
1 – Between 1990 and 1997, a lot of Belgian clubs were closed after raids from the police, and this was regularly shown on television in docu’s and news programmes,

2 – When Fil was about 13, radio stations started programming it (which was a very interesting evolution in (the rise of electronic) music!)
Searching for a decent hobby besides playing soccer, he dropped notes in all mailboxes in the neighbourhood, to ask for any audiogear ‘that was collecting dust in the attic’. 1 day later he went to get his first (Lenco-)turntables and mixer somewhere down the street.

After a while he taught himself how to handle the ‘Dex’, and when he was 18, he had a residency or a couple of years, in a small bar at the border with the Netherlands, called ‘The Twilight Zone’.
Between 2001 & 2004 he explored the flourishing nightlife in Antwerp, and that way he got in contact with lots of dj’s & promotors in the underground house & techno scene in Antwerp. Some time later, he bought 2 Technics SL1200’s…

While his love for groovy, melodic & funky techno & house tunes was growing, he was collecting lots of vinyls.
By playing his new tunes at home and at afterparties in Antwerp’s city centre, he mastered the art of dj’ing.
He decided to buy cdj’s, and go partially digital… First with 1xPioneer CDJ 400 + Pioneer DJM400 and 2 Technics, 8 months later he bought his second Pioneer CDJ400.

As from 2012 he started throwing parties together with 3 friends, dj’s & producers VEnom, De*ago & Barry Coleman.
At first they partied in a small venue, the basement from a cosy bar in Antwerp, called Izzy Maze. The concept was called ‘The Basement Bea(s)ts’, and their concept got known for the very cosy nights filled with uperb tech-house & techno. After a while their parties got bigger and so they moved the concept to Petra’s Café and the Balcony in (what used to be) Antwerp’s finest club, Café d’Anvers.
Friended dj’s and organisers asked Fil to play at several parties at Piaf & Petrol Antwerp.

In 2015, Fil decided to team up with 3 friends, DJ’s Himperson, Breiworkz and Matarlo, and ‘Mittwoch’ was born. The one and only Wednesdaynight concept in Antwerp!
Also Arkline, Hermani, Bjorn Suss, Char Lott and Sam Kbam joined their resident team., which resulted in some full packed nights at Philly’s Bar Antwerp. The group fell apart but in 2021 ‘Mittwoch’ is still a strong concept, and at first, the concept introduced 2 new rising stars in the techno scene in Antwerp, Himperson and Arkline. The last 2 years, Fil received a lot of good feedback and so Antwerp can now count on a 3rd rising star, named Fil Dex!

Fil enjoys combining all kinds of gear: give him vinyl, traktor, MP3’s or CD’s, it doesn’t make any difference.
Nowadays he’s well known for bringing very groovy and melodic feel good music, a mix of deep-house , house, tech-house and tracks situated at the melodic side of electronic music.
Moving into his own flat in Antwerp, gave him the opportunity to build his own music studio in his flat, and meanwhile he’s working on his own productions with Ableton.

Looking forward to the first release!

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