March / 8 / 2021

MOAI DJ Platform Europe welcomes Flucamin

MOAI DJ Platform Europe welcomes Flucamin


Olof Rust aka Flucamin was born in Alphen NB, the Netherlands in 1976. Growing up his teen years in the 80’s and the 90’s he also grew up with the birth of House Music in The Netherland. Immediately intoxicated by it he started DJ-ing at fifteen while watching and listening to X-mix Videos or other Mixtapes he could find by Icons like Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke, Ken Ishii and Richie Hawtin. Trying to reconstruct their mixes into his own Mix Sets. Form his 18th and up he played at several high-profile clubs in The Netherlands such as “The Basement by Michel de Hey” @ Nighttown in Rotterdam, Club Tomorrowland (together with Tiësto for his first ever CD release party ‘Isle of Ra’) in Rotterdam, club La DS in The Hague. He also had a residency at club “Alcatraz” in Delft. He was known by a variety of DJ’s and promoters an performed at several events In the Netherlands of which the “Dance Parade Rotterdam” and “Lunapark Rotterdam” were most memorable and he even played some small events in Belgium and Luxembourg. In the beginning of the new decade around 2000 vinyl became cd’s and underground became mainstream. It was a turning point where he had to decide between the chancing dance scene and a regular career. At that time, he made the so called sensible choose without following my heart (which he found out around 2018).

Never regret his decision and also having a good career, he’s always been a little sad that the underground scene he grew up in no longer existed. Until in 2018 a friend re-introduced the new and evolved dance scene to him. Never expected to get in touch with that magic again but he did. At that moment for the first time in many years a void in his heart was filled as he enjoyed the musical emotions artist nowadays create. It was at that moment he realized what he missed for such a long time. The dance industry had evolved or maybe it has always been there and he didn’t search deep enough for it. Hearing music that was different then the mainstream EDM, the music he adored almost 2 decades ago was still here and widely available.

From that moment in time, he decided to get back in, it’s the only way to from there on there was no other choice. So, he embraced the digital era, getting familiar with it and the digital freedom tit gives he know performs fully digital. In a short while He’s gained a steady growing fanbase on Soundcloud and slowly growing on other platforms as well. Missing to perform live in front of a crowd he heads out to find a club where he could play or even have a residency. But before convincing promoters everything went in lockdown. But still feeling the urge to interact more with people in December 2020 he started to livestream weekly. At this moment he streams every Saturday and his livestreams in Twitch and Mixcloud is slowly getting known amongst his fanbase and more. Every Saturday he performs one of his musical Sessions and reading their comments while playing so he can interact at least on a certain level. And although it’s not the same as a live audience, it gives great satisfaction. His mixes contain early track support of artists like Zoi (CA), Al Bongo, Bohem and more.

Growing up at the birth of House Music in The Netherlands there was never a discussion about subgenres or overall house genres for that matter. Later on it changed and there were more genres such as techno, trance or club music. Still for Flucamin great music is great music and it has always been his believe that you should not bound yourself to one genre. One of the most exciting challenges is to create amazing musical journeys for your audience and you can use all musical genres that are available. Just work the audience in such way that they really enjoy the night filled with dancing and happiness. Sometimes even on music they would normally not prefer but fit perfectly in their musical journey at that moment in time. So his musical preference is widely spread through several sub genres such as Organic, Afro, Deep, Melodic and Progressive House and even some Melodic Techno. Still it will always have a rhythmic or melodic base with a affectious drive to entice the audience to get on the dancefloor and start dancing. The journey he takes you on is fully depended on the Venue, timeslot and duration of performance. A full open to close session gives more freedom then a 1-hour slot between 23:00 and 0:00. But due to my broad musical preference I can perform in a dark underground club at Peak time as well as a beach club during the day.

Recently he started producing and is getting help from great producers like Fractal Architect, Aurel den Bossa and Ias Ferndale. He already incorporates some of his tracks in his Mix Sets and it is his intend to release his first ever track this year. While learning more about production he’s also slowly molding a regular DJ set-up with a production hardware set-up to create a new full performance. As he fully embraced the digital era it’s his believe that you should utilize as much of the freedom it provides so you can really perform and take the crowd on a truly unique journey, every time again.

So, with his knowledge and performances in the past mixed with the digital enthusiasm of a teen as he keeps shifting the boundaries, Flucamin will be a true DJ performer you want to watch and experience over and over again.

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