October / 2 / 2020

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes Jaleo & Calma

MOAI Dj Platform Europe welcomes Jaleo & Calma

Calma is one of the most active DJs in the Barcelonan scene this past year. Supported by great DJs like, Juarez, Trebor Republic, 100to, Sr Events (from Ibiza). Her house, ceiling and techno style allows her to move around the best clubs in Barcelona, ​​Café del Mar, La Terrraza, City hall, Funky buddha …. Her ability to create atmosphere and flow with the public makes her stand out.

Jaleo, born in Barcelona, ​​began with music in 2000, influenced from the beginning by techno music, over time he got to know several artists with whom he shared musical experiences of different aspects. His electronic career began by playing at private parties, beach bars and venues in the city such as leeward, slow, side b, then making the leap to the best clubs in barcelona such as Café del Mar, Go Beach, City Hall, La Terrrazza, etc. .

Nowadays his musical selection ranges from deep house with well-marked basses to very rhythmic techno, leaving a very original and fresh stamp in each of his sets. This past year these two mixing artists got together that will make you vibrate every time you go to the dance floor.


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